我的讀書方法 – My way of study

1. 平時有去上課就可以通過的課 (意思是接近考試時衝刺就可以)
2. 平時有去上課也不一定過得了的課(意思是平常就要開始努力準備)
3. 平時沒去上課也可以通過的課 (?) 意思是講義自己讀一讀一樣效果的課

Today I would like to talk about how I normally manage my study in Germany. Since I am a foreign student here, of course I will have more difficulties than other local students. Therefore I would need to pay more attention to my study than others to reach the similar result.
Basically I can separate my subjects into 3 different categories.
1. You can pass if you have been to the class (Which means it is enough if you cram the study few days before the exam)
2. Even you visit the course regularly, you may not pass either
3. You can pass the exam even you seldom visit the course


1. 每一堂課都一定要去上之外,還要拿手機錄音
這大概是最痛苦的之一吧,獨自一人在圖書館再把課程聽一遍,原本90分鐘的課程因為途中會一直按暫停寫筆記,常常聽完之後都過了2個小時…. 不過這件事真的非常重要,因為可以把很多不清楚的地方搞懂

In this article I will mainly talk about the second category, which is the most difficult one that you have to start preparing at the beginning. I hope this blogpost can also help other foreign student like me who has difficulties in study.

1. Besides visiting every course, recored the lecture as well.
Some of the professors would actually notice if you come to the course regularly or not, although the presence is not officially a part of the grades. My university size is pretty small, which mean professors can possibly remember our names. That’s why the presence became like a “transparent rule". I strongly suggest you to join every course if you can, during the course you should pay attention and try to answer as much questions as you can, so that the professor can recognize you. Don’t be afraid to raise you hand and ask questions just because your question might not be the best one ever.
Besides, the course goes usually so fast that not even the germans can understand every details. Many us of will recored the lecture so that we can listen to it again and try to understand everything which is important and write down all the notes. I guess this is one of the most difficult part for me. Studying alone in the library and listen to the records. It usually takes an age to finish one 90 mins lecture since I always stop it thousand times to take notes. Normally I need more than 2 hours for that. Even though it is not easy to do, it is very important and it did help me a lot! Because after that I can understand the course way way better!

My Dropbox folder with all my records of lectures

2. 找到最適合自己的抄筆記方式

2. Find the best way for you to take notes
For me, I like to write down my notes on the paper, because during the process of writing it can help me to remember. That’s why I always print out the handout from the professor and take my notes on it directly. Some of the students also take notes with their laptop, if you are good at it, it is actually economic and cheap.
Not only taking notes during the course, don’t forget to review after the class. There are always many open questions that you can to do some research online. I study economics, there are many useful Youtube video which can help you understand some difficult topics way easier and in a more interesting way.
I usually categorize my notes and plan weekly for what I want to achieve, give myself a goal every week.

Here are some examples about my notes.


Notes during the lecture (directly on the lecture print-out)

Notes after the course (Some formula)



I really recommend everyone to categorize the notes with the capital and keywords, so that you can find the thing you need quickly!




3. 跟德國同學建立好關係,有不懂的地方就跟他們一起討論

3. Build up a good relationship with you classmate, if you have any question just ask!
Sometimes, studying alone can’t really help you further, in this moment it is important to look for help, not only they can help you, maybe you can help them as well! You will surprisingly find out, it is not true that just because you are foreigner so you will know less than the local students, you are not that bad at all!
In some important subjects I will build a Dropbox and Whatsapp chat group with my classmates together, so that if anyone has questions they have a place to ask and exchange knowledge.
Look at my screenshot before the exam, all about the exercises and notes! :p

4. 複習再複習

4. review and review!
Normally you will get tons of exercise from your professor, in the best case you should do all of them at least once, or even more. Remember it is also important to do the exercise without placing the answers besides you, cause it is a totally  different feeling! Anyway it is really important to understand the question, cause normally the exam won’t be too big different from the exercise.




Last but not least, I hope this Blogpost could help those who has difficulties in study.
If you have more questions about more detail, you are welcome to send me a private message on Facebook 🙂





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